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When Marion got closer, she realized that she recognized the figure, although the name was on the tip of her tongue and she couldn't quite remember it. After a few moments of thought, she realized that the person was none other then Zach Johnson.

Marion never really knew Zach all that well, since he was a bit, well, weird, but she never really ever had a problem with him. He then said to Marion, seemingly happy to see her, "Christ, Marion, is that you?"

Rather oblivious, if anything, Marion replied almost cheerily, "Yeah, I'm right here."

After that Zach then murmured to himself, "Thank god, a friendly face."

With that, Marion wondered what the rest of the island was like if he said that, since she knew that what Zach said could only imply that the island was filled with unfriendly faces, and that it was an awful idea of her's to go out on her own, which she now infinitely regretted.

Then, she noticed Zach take out a bottle and drink from it, and she realized how awfully thirsty she was. Then, against her better judgement, and in spite of the fact that she had water in her pack, she then asked Zach, "Hey, is that extra water you have?"
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