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(BRN04: Marion Clayton continued from The King in Yellow.)

Marion had to admit, she didn't have a clue where she was and she was an idiot for it. Just a few minutes (an hour?) earlier, she left her group at the Tar Pits to go "scouting" before they ever got a chance to stop her. Then, under the sweltering sun, she walked forward and found exactly nothing of interest, before getting disoriented and completely and utterly lost. She tried using her map and her compass, but even that didn't help, as trying to go back east towards their newly-established meeting points only brought her to more open plains.

It wasn't one of her better days, to say the least. Among many other things she felt in her "travels" across the plains, she couldn't help but feel self-conscious. Her thoughtless back and forth movements were being broadcasted on national TV, and now everyone would think that she was an idiot for leaving her group behind and then getting lost. Still, Marion knew that she couldn't blame them, she wasn't exactly thinking at her maximum capacity. She felt rather dehydrated, too, but she didn't drink much water, deciding that it was a better idea to save it.

Still, all of those thoughts then soon came to rest, when she then saw a figure in the distance. Then, with rational thought turned to irrational hope, she then began to approach the figure...
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