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Still have nothing clever.
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After Marion mentioned using the buddy system to Mad, she then muttered to her that it might have been the smart thing to do. Marion looked on as Mikaela began to go doctor on Mad and ask her in great detail about how she was after getting hit, to which Mad only replied that she was fine. She couldn't help but giggle a bit at it, as although the fact that someone had just gotten injured was not funny at all for reasons obvious enough, it was still a bit funny to see Mikaela questioning her like that.

Then, Mad mentioned that they never quite made up their plan, and then Jake simply assented and said it was as good of a time as many. Marion wasn't sure at all what the plan should have been herself, as there really wasn't much that they could do. Stay at the Tar Pits? Possible, but not necessarily a good idea. Wander around the island? Would probably get them killed if anything. So, in reply, she simply shrugged, and said, "There's not exactly a best choice for making a plan, since in our situation, each is pretty much as good as the other."
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