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"We didn't," Jake said softly. His brain was a warring torrent of emotions right now, so he looked off into the distance, staring at the tar pits. He twisted Bob Lazenby's hat in his hands. Don't worry, dude, I didn't forget.

He wanted to ask Madelyn if she knew her attacker, he wanted to find said attacker and beat their face in until his knuckles were bloody. He had never thought this way before, not about her other fighting, but this wasn't just regular fighting. This was far more serious than that. He had a brief flash of himself unloading his gun into some unknown person's face.

It was rather unlike him. He hated blood or gore of any kind, what was the deal.

He'd much rather occupy himself with the fact that he always liked the fact that his two girls got along so well, it had never gotten strange between the two of them...as far as he knew. Briefly, he allowed himself to have a sweet fantasy where Mikaela played nurse for Madelyn.

Totally hot.

But Mad was right, they hadn't come up with a plan.

"Well, now's a good enough time to talk about it as any."

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