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Jake was never a fan of Madelyn fighting. Especially since they started dating, and Madelyn didn't blame him. It was natural. It was also why a lot of her other relationships ended. Madelyn would fight someone, current boyfriend at the time would get pissed, and would either try and stop her from fighting or make an example of the guy she fought with. Jake, on the other hand, accepted it. Well, tolerated was the right action.

She nodded when he ask if she got a few shots in, and said,

"If I didn't I wouldn't be here." She followed with a kiss as Mikaela woke up asking if someone had been shot. Madelyn resisted a sarcastic remark giving that Mikaela had been asleep. However when Mikaela saw Madelyn it was doctor time.

Most girlfriends (the not-lesbian kind) went to the bathroom to fix their make up, but not Mikaela and Madelyn. They went to the bathroom to fix up Madelyn after fight. Mikaela would sit there and patch up the angry young girl as she ranted and raved about the fight or what an asshole the guy was. Depended on how the fight went.

Marion said something about using a buddy system next time, and Madelyn muttered,

"Yeah. That would've been the smart thing to do." Ashamed that she let herself be such a target even when she watched the show so much.

Mikaela went on to ask some questions and Madelyn answered,

"No. I feel fine, doctor." Smiling at the use of the nickname Madelyn gave her during the first time Mikaela helped her out. "Thanks."

As Mikaela went on to do her thing Madelyn decided to bring up their agenda before they had to leave the cabin,

"We never got around to making a plan, did we?" It probably would've been better to wait until Mikaela finished, but it should be brought up.

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