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"Did you at least get a few good shots in?"

"Did you get a few good shots in?"

"...get a few good shots in?"

"...a few good shots..."

"...good shots..."


"Someone's been shot?!"

Mikaela shot into a sitting position as Marion was still talking, woken up abruptly by the words. She suspected her handler was trying a half-arsed way to keep her relevant to the thread. Bloody hack. A frantic look round revealed all the group gathered round, and none of them shot. Good news.

...But Maddy looked to've run into a good spot of trouble. She was cut and bruised up all over. Not so good. Okay, yes, maybe she'd been a little jealous about the whole Jake thing when it first happened, but so what? Maddy was still her friend, one of the people who'd been nice to her when she first got to SDA, and right now she needed help.

"Do I want to know what the other guy looks like?" She chuckled sheepishly, hoping to lighten the mood. Maybe for a little bit they could forget they were on a death island. It'd be just like those times she'd patched the taller woman up after fights that went badly; you didn't fight as often as Maddy used to without losing now and then, after all. For just a bit longer, Mikaela could actually be in control of her own fate.

Luckily, a bit of rummaging produced a fully-stocked first aid kit in her daypack. At least they cared enough to make some semblance of proper health care possible, the sick bastards. She dug it out and moved over to her friend, sitting down in front of her and checking her over to see where the worst of it was, and if there was anything else she needed to keep an eye on.

"You haven't been unconscious for any period of time, have you? Any dizziness, confusion, loss of memory?" Mikaela checked Maddy's pupils as she talked, doing a few quick concussion tests before she could see to the bruises and cuts. Better safe than sorry.
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