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Marion was saying something about going to look for Madelyn just as she arrived, and tension in his chest relaxed. He hadn't really wanted to admit that he was worried about her.

Until he saw the bruises on her face. His face crumpled for a moment before he managed to regain his composure. Dating a girl who fought was always something that he had to get used to, and he had...

But not here. He wanted to grab his gun and find whoever had hurt her and finish it. That wasn't Jake's way though, and that wasn't what Madelyn would ever want him to do. Instead he watched her wave at him and comment about how interesting the trip the the girls room was.

He wanted to wake Mikaela up, rally the troops and go on some sort of manhunt for justice. The thought also made his stomach turn a little. What was wrong with him? Surrounded by girls he NOW suddenly decides to become some sort of caveman warrior? Me Jake. Me fight for my womens. The thought was incredibly laughable. He was the weepy sensitive type.

And that would probably get him killed here.

He gritted his mouth into a thin line and walked over to Madelyn to assess the damage. "Did you at least get a few good shots in?" He asked, grimly trying to keep things light.


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