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((Madelyn Conner continued from Columbines in My Eyes))

Bruises formed and grass grew.

As Madelyn walked back to where she left Jake and co. Finally able to breath with less and less pain, and all that left was a soft ache as a reminder of the fight. To be honest it was a good fight, but why didn't Madelyn grab the gun?

Maybe she wasn't willing to go that far, or shooting him was too easy.

But the truth was that Madelyn wasn't the monster this game needed.

Yet, if ever.

Madelyn stopped to get some Aspirin out of her bag to take. Her body needed the illusion of being in less pain. If she were still at Texas she'd have time to hide the bruises with make-up. She hated wearing it, the way it felt on her face, but the wrath of her parents was worth avoiding. Her father was okay being a big defender of self defense, but her mother was (as Madelyn classified) overly pacifistic.

Not to say Madelyn didn't respect her mother, but they differed on the issue enough that it created more than enough shouting matches in their house.

The group was in sight, and she gave a more cheerful than appropriate wave to them. Adrenaline from the fight still in her veins with ice water.

"Well, that was one of the most interesting trips to the girl's room I've had."

((Sorry, made some edits. Especially with the dialogue. I know I only changed it a little, but I like it much better. Sorry if I screwed something up))

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