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(Mikaela's technically been here the whole time because Jake's first post GMed her in, but continued from the same place as everyone else. Lazy post is lazy, blah.)

Mikaela had been sat in the grass, and actually had dozed off. The sudden panic and running for their lives, plus the resulting adrenaline crash when they got to safety and the fact she'd not had any sleep motivated her to try closing her eyes for a moment when they were all there. Why not? Just relax under the sun, with her friends around, and take a moment to get some energy back.

Unfortunately, she'd underestimated fatigue, and after a few moments a quick power nap turned into full-on dozing. She looked comfortable, her chest steadily rising and falling, but probably wouldn't be too hard to wake up if needed. She was mumbling... something to herself in her sleep.
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