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As Marion sat down to eat, her a very, very quiet voice rang out from seemingly nowhere, suggesting that her alliance was 'unsustainable' and that she would have a 'moment'. At first, she thought that she was completely losing her mind, but she quickly realized that the sound was coming from her collar and it was her mentor. Then, after her confusion cleared away, a new emotion came in to fill the void.


It appeared that her mentor, whoever he/she/it was, was suggesting for her to backstab her own team mates. While Marion did want to get out, she did not want at all to to resort to such underhanded tactics to get out. She still didn't even completely make up her mind about playing, since already she found herself with several other (hopefully) nonplayers. She stil tried to keep a normal face, though, by just eating as she thought, she didn't want the others to think that something was up (and most likely they did hear something).

Anyways, she noticed Mad suddenly leave, and she simply said that she had to go. Marion didn't really mind, she had to do what she had to do and if she didn't lose her sense of decency in the process of doing it, it was all fine with her. The idea of going to 'the outdoor toilet' in the bushes was not exactly one that appealed to Marion's sensibilities, although of course she would if she absolutely had to.

Then, all of a sudden, Jake looked over at her and grinned, to which Marion blinked slightly, if not very noticeably. Jake then thanked her for being good about the whole thing, and then gave an odd gesture around the pit and asked her if they were friends to the end. For a moment, Marion thought of her mentor and how he/she/it wanted her to do something against her allies, but she knew she couldn't. So, she simply decided to say, if somewhat hesitantly, "Yeah, of course. Friends to the end."

Jake then looked around and frowned. It was a sudden change of expression, and Marion could only guess what it was, which she thought was most likely worried, probably about Mad. If she had a boyfriend and he just left suddenly on a highly dangerous island to go to the restroom, she would have been worried too. So, she decided to say to him as sympathetically as possible, "Worried about Mad? It's not my business, but if you want to go out to try and find her, I wouldn't mind..."
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