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(Hey, skipping over Slayer because Mikaela hasn't entered the thread yet so it's technically allowed, and I don't want everyone in this thread to go idle, including Madelyn.)

Jake whistled lightly as he waited for Madelyn to get back from the bathrooms. Was she taking too long? He never knew with girls, but his heart pounded with a sort of nervous wondering. Should he get nervous? It was this game...people were dead now and should he have gone with her?

He probably would never forgive himself if she had gone and gotten herself killed somewhere.

He looked over at Marion, who had actually said one of his ideas was good. He grinned at her. Marion was actually being a terrific sport about everything.

"Hey, Marion...thanks. You've been great about everything. I know we didn't know each other very well before all of this, but hey, look at us now."

We gave a sort of half hearted gesture around the tar-pits. "Friends till the end?"

It was a pathetic joke, and probably in poor taste, but it was the best he had.

Was Madelyn taking too long now? He frowned. Should he go look for her?


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