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(BRN04: Marion Clayton continued from Breathless.)

Marion was not particularly happy as her group walked to... somewhere, she had no clue where they were going. The sudden Danger Zoning of the Inland Lake disturbed her in an otherwise calm moment, bringing her right back to the edge after calming down ever so slightly. Of course, then adding in the fact that she had to hold with her (more like drag behind her) a several pound sword as tall as she was, one could only expect that she did not have a pleasant walk. Although she did do her best to try to stay positive, she still felt ever so strained by the walk.

Naturally, this only meant that she was overjoyed when the group suddenly stopped and Jake pointed out that they were at the tar pits, perhaps somewhat obviously, but not to Marion if not for the fact that she was in something of a stupor from trying to carrying the sword and walk. Then, when Jake suggested having lunch, Marion couldn't help but grin at the chance to take a break. She then said brightly, "Sure, Jake, sounds like a great idea for me. Why don't we all sit down and take a short break? I think we all deserve it."

Then, hoping the others would follow, she sat down on a comfortable looking spot on the ground and set her sword down by her side, before taking a bite of bread and a small drink of water. She then finally sighed a breath of welcome relief, while looking over at the Tar Pits, mesmerized by their sinister yet vaguely beautiful appearance...
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