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Jake didn't feel like saying anything as they walked, instead he chewed on his lips and allowed his mind to wander to rather....well...strange areas. Now that he was in considerable peril, he was starting to think about what he had done in his life. He used to pride himself on being a nice guy, he had never hurt anyone, he had never teased any kid, he had always tried to be nice.

But he was no angel. Oh, he had definitely committed pre-martial sex, did that count as being bad? He watched as Mikaela walked a little ahead of him, and Madelyn walked beside him. He had slept with them both. Before all of this started it hadn't seemed so strange. Now that he was in some sort of life and death situation it seemed to be incredibly weird. He felt like some playboy. Of course that was utterly ridiculous, plenty of guys had done it in high school, and it wasn't as though he had slept with anyone else. Also, the contexts were different. Mikaela had been a friends with benefits that had one day taken a step in the sex direction, while Madelyn had been meaningful, girlfriendy. Both were definitely great, but sometimes he wished that Madelyn had come first. It was a love vs. lust thing.

Of course Jake would definitely never tell Mikaela that.

Why was he thinking about all of this now? They were on an island, they almost all blew up, it's not like he was going to sleep with any of them on the island (he thought with a certain pang of regret), so he could seriously kiss his future sex life good-bye, unless he got off the island. Think positive, Langston.

He thought he heard something up ahead....was it bubbling? He stopped suddenly and noticed patches of tar everywhere. That was rather unsettling....what kind of an island was this anyway? Who would actually vacation here?!

"I think we're at the tar pits," he said obviously. "Anyone uh...want lunch?"

Honoring the glorious dead:
F26: Maddie Harris: Resident artist.- Seven Unveiled Masterpieces- Death by carelessness
YLW5:Jake Langston:Just a nice guy-No kills- Death by misunderstanding
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