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(Mikaela continued from the same spot as Maddy.)

There hadn't been anything worthwhile upstairs. Somehow, she wasn't surprised. That would've been too simple, wouldn't it? Too convenient to find something good in the very first - okay, second - place they looked. The voices downstairs didn't really register to her at first, as she all but tore the place apart in hopes something useful would present itself. Moreso than shuriken at least. So absorbed had she been in the task she didn't even steal a glance outside at the group that had appeared.

Indeed, it wasn't until she was downstairs that she even paid any mind to the fact people other than Madelyn and herself were present. At first, spotting two friends of hers - Jake and Marion - with Maddy drew a broad grin out of her, and she almost ran over to hug them... but then she noticed their demeanour. It seemed not all was quite well to look at them all, and she felt her stomach sink. Something was wrong, wasn't it?

A shuriken was in her hand before she realised she'd even moved for the weapons, for what good it would do, and she walked over to the group as quietly as she could manage. "Hey guys, everything okay down here?"
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