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As Marion walked towards Mad, Jake quite suddenly raised his gun, which gave Marion a start. In only a moment, however, she heard some sounds in the distance, and realized that it was the reason why Jake raised his gun. Jake then said quietly, "Did you hear that?"

In reply, Marion only nodded. There wasn't anything that she could say about it that would help, and being too loud might be giving away their position. Then, Mad came by, and said to Jake, "Close the door," and then added on a moment later, "Quietly."

Marion then saw Mad pull up the curtains and look up the stairs, presumably to look for Mikaela. She then stopped between her and Jake, however, and said, "One of them has a brown bandanna."

This revelation gave Marion a bit of a jolt. She now had the chance to meet up with her team, which was something she had already decided on earlier anyways and would probably give her the best chance of getting through the game. She didn't know whether or not it might be a good idea to go, though, as she still didn't have the faintest clue as to who the three mysterious people were. After a moment's thought, she whispered to both Jake and Mad, "I can go outside alone if you would like... find out who those three people are, and maybe try to get them away from here if it's necessary... I have a feeling that they aren't going to attack someone who shares a team with one of them."
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