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Madelyn turned around on the stairs when Jake asked if they heard something. She hadn't been paying attention, so Madelyn couldn't say say she had. Shaking her head she went back down the stairs. Even if she didn't hear anything didn't mean it was nothing.

Walking to the window she saw three boys, with three different bandannas, and lacking in real weapons (in sight). Still she turned to Jake and said in a hushing voice,

"Close the door." The game coming to them was inevitable, but if she was here than she'd keep it away as long as possible. Then added,

"Quietly." She pulled the curtains to cover the window and looked up the stairs. They needed to get Mikaela. Madelyn went to go up the stairs. Stopping between Marion and Jake,

"One of them has a brown bandanna." She didn't know what else to say about it, but maybe Marion could talk to them or something. At worst she'd leave Jake and Madelyn to join him. Which meant one less person for Madelyn to worry about, and she'd be able to concentrate on protecting Jake.

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