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[In Bloom --> Isaac King]

Wasn't a long walk to the lake, all things considered. Isaac hadn't really looked at the scale of the map, so he wasn't really sure how far it had actually been. He didn't care to guess, either. Why bother? It was just a stop between point A and point B, a waypoint between the Geyser and the Ship. And even if it was important, fact was the trio was there now. That's all that matters, after all.

The other apparent fact was that nobody was around. Not in the open, at least. Michael, the one whose name Isaac still didn't know, decided to channel Captain Obvious and point that out.

"Alright guys, looks like there's nobody outside, but there might be some people in the cabins."

Impassive nod. We all figured that one out already.

"Do check out the cabins for loot, or keep going? Either way we should be on guard."

Cabins probably wouldn't have anything worth nabbing, save for maybe bedding. But there'd be plenty of that, better quality too, where they were going afterwards. No real point. Staying on guard was a good idea, though. Didn't want to be surprised by someone bursting out of a cabin with a BFG. Isaac transferred his shiny new gun from his waist to his right hand.

"I'm good either way, but if there's anything good in here, right now is the time to find it."

"I say let's keep going, but whatever bro, whatever ya wanna do."

Nick had the right idea, odds of there being anything worth taking from a bunch of lakeside cabins were poor at best. Isaac shrugged, adding "Not gonna be much worth taking, is there?"
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