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Marion listened carefully to what Jake and Mad would say next, trying to learn a bit more about the situation that she was basically totally blind about. Firstly, Jake said, "Better, now that I've found you. Did you find anyone else?"

As those words flashed into Marion's mind, she couldn't help but think about it herself. Mad might have other allies near her, and they could potentially be in her own team. That, and that she might be able to find some friendly faces, although she couldn't help but dread the idea of having people who were her friends in other teams. If she was really going to try to find her team and join up with them to try to win the game, well, it wouldn't work out well, to say the least...

In any case, quickly after Jake asked Mad about who she met, she said with an upward gesture, "Yeah, I met Mikaela when I woke up." Those words gave Marion both a bit of joy and dread, since she and Mikaela were relatively friendly to each other, and well, they were relative friendly to each other. She didn't want her thoughts to move to... less pleasant things, so she simply kept on listening attentively.

"We were in the attic where we found these," Mad said, waving her paddle back and forth. She then turned back and saw nothing, before she turned back to Jake and continued, "She'll be down eventually."

Then it looked like she noticed Marion, and she seemed to pay special attention to the sword. Marion felt a bit intimidated about it herself, but didn't realize everyone that everyone else was that much more intimidated. She realized it might be the one thing it might be good for, anyways, intimidation, since she absolutely had no idea how to use the thing. Her brief mental tangent on the sword ceased when Mad said to her, "Hi, Marion."

In reply, Marion nodded slightly, happy to see that she didn't totally ignore her. Mad then finished, "Anyways. We cleared this place, and were about to break for lunch and planning." She decided to go forward and follow, although she couldn't help but question the wisdom of going to join a de facto team other then her own, her curiosity got the better of her. After all, what could the "planning" possibly be?
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