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Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
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"Yeah, I met Mikaela when I woke up." Madelyn gestured up the stairs with her thumb. She backed out of the hug, missing the connection of flesh.

"We were in the attic where we found these" Madelyn wagged the paddle a bit, and looked behind her to see if Mikaela was there. When all she saw was the empty hall Madelyn turned back to Jake and said,

"She'll be down eventually. As Madelyn decided not to talk about the hotel for now she saw a girl behind Jake with the brown bandanna and big-fucking-sword. Marylyn? No, Marion. Madelyn shared a class or two with her.

"Hi, Marion." Madelyn decided to acknowledge her before finishing,

"Anyways. We cleared this place, and were about to break for lunch and planning." She headed up the stairs to tell Mikaela everything was all clear. Making a motion with her hand for the other two to follow.

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"Fuck everyone, cuddle the survivors."


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