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(BRN04: Marion Clayton continued from Down by the Water.)

As Marion and Jake walked to the inland lake, there was an empty silence, which didn't surprise Marion at all, with the simple fact that there was no comfortable topic to talk about. As the two reached the inland lake, Jake looked at the cabins with some obvious pleasure, and turned back and said to Marion, "Hey, cabins, let's check them out to see if anyone's there." Marion didn't really know if it was safe, but Jake went on without waiting and so she decided there was no point in trying to stop him, and simply followed.

As Jake reached for the doorknob, Marion could make out a figure looking poised to strike and gave a brief and involuntary gasp. Jake then said, "Whoa! Whoa! I'm not playing!" The figure then stepped out into the light, and Marion could make out another girl. Then with obvious shock, Jake said, "Madelyn?", and Marion realized that it was his girlfriend that she was looking at. The girl then went forward to hold Jake, and said simply, "Jake." For a few more moments, there was silence, as neither Jake nor Mad seemed to have anything to say and Marion knew that it would be wrong to cut in at that moment. Mad then continued, "So, how are you doing babe?" Again, Marion knew it would be wrong to cut in, so she only decided to stay back, wondering if it might be a good idea to leave right then and there...
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