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Don't ya wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
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Madelyn didn't even want to consider the possibility that Jake was here. It was someone else she caught a glimpse of in the room during the briefing, and it was another tall blond boy with the gun and a yellow bandanna.

But when he said her name denial had emptied to make away for the action to hold him.

"Jake." She said as if trailing off from a long explanation before running down the stairs with her oar. Somehow making it all the way down, and hugging him. God damn why did he have to be here. Because some producers needed some fucking drama for their show? They could feast on a five course meal of shit as far as Madelyn was concerned.

She held him for awhile. Not really sure what to say, but they couldn't just stay like that forever as much as Madelyn wanted to pretend that was the best way to protect him. Sighing before speaking, because reality wasn't a place she wanted to frequent right now.

"So, how are you doing babe?" She might as well see how his time on the island was going. Madelyn was lounging in his eyes on an inflatable raft when she noticed she was still holding the oar, but that wasn't of importance.

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