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((Madelyn Conner continued from Hotel California ))

Madelyn regretted running out of the hotel. She tried to concentrate on getting to the lake on the map, but the possibilities of what she could've done for the girl haunted her. And what her two class mates could do to her. Regardless she continued with Mikaela until they found the lake and the first cabin. Madelyn was a bit timid to approach at first, but came up with an idea.

The girls went around the back and looked through a window, but didn't see anything. They moved to a door after Madelyn found a decent sized branch and opened the door using it. When no one came out they moved in slowly, and ready to bolt. Madelyn turned to Mikaela and said,

"I don't think anyone's here, but lets do a search for people and useful shit. Then we'll plan what comes next." Mikaela nodded and they began.

The ground floor held no people or useful shit, and after determining this the two girls went up the stairs. Searching the floor Mikaela found a pull down stair case to the attic, and after much whispering about it the two girls came up with an idea.

They positioned themselves, so that when they pulled the door it would unfold in front of them. Then they would run to the next room and wait for any sign of life. After they put the plan in action it proved no results, so Madelyn lead the way up.

The attic proved to be nothing special except for a canoe that had seen better times and places. Like when most of the bottom hadn't been rusted away, but what drew Madelyn's attention was the two wooden oars on the floor next to the metallic corpse. She picked them up, handing one to her companion she went on to walk out.

Until she heard the door open.

Madelyn looked at Mikaela, and gave a signal to stay behind and quiet. She held the oar ready to strike as she walked down the hall then peeked around the corner.

Seeing the figure with a gun and a yellow bandanna Madelyn wished she never investigated.

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