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Still have nothing clever.
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After a few seconds pause, Jake answered to Marion's question, "God, yeah, sorry! Madelyn Connor?"

Marion thought on the name for a moment. She definitely knew the name, and knew that she was in one of her classes. In any case, the then answered to Jake, "Yeah, I definitely know her, I think we have a class together. If I ever find her, I'll let her know you're looking for her... don't know how much that might help, but it's better then nothing, at least."

She then glanced back at Jake, and noticed that his gaze was transfixed on a small red splotch. At first Marion thought it was blood, but then quickly realized it was a hat. Jake then went over and picked it up gingerly with two fingers and put it into his back pocket. Marion then raised an eyebrow, and asked Jake questioningly without being too forceful, "Why'd you pick up the hat?"
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