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Her name, Jake. Everyone in America now thinks you're an asshole.

"God, yeah, sorry! Madelyn Connor?" Jake really really wanted to find her, and everyone else. Maybe if there was enough of them they could escape. If enough people refused to play they obviously couldn't keep the show going, right? That would be ridiculous. Who would play? A lot of people at Silver Dragon could at least recognize each other, even though there was an entire other school out there with just as many kids with weapons...

Jake noticed a bright red splotch nearby. Oh, it was a hat. Bob must have left it. Gingerly walking over to it, it picked it up with two fingers. It didn't seem pee-stained, and yes, Jake was still focusing on that. The red was basically like wearing a target on your head (oh my god, were there sniper rifles out there? Could any student actually use one?) but he stuffed it into the back of his jean pocket.

Maybe he'd give it back to Bob one day, it was the least he could do.

Honoring the glorious dead:
F26: Maddie Harris: Resident artist.- Seven Unveiled Masterpieces- Death by carelessness
YLW5:Jake Langston:Just a nice guy-No kills- Death by misunderstanding
GLD1:Mae St. Clair -One half of the Golden Couple- One and a half kills- Death by loss of hope
M18: Brian Larke: A horrible human being.- Two kills- Death by just desserts.
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