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Marion saw Jake nod, and he said, "Yeah. I was a writer on the newspaper... maybe you've read some of my stuff." Marion nodded herself, she occasionally looked at the newspaper. Not very often, but it was interesting occasionally. Then, Marion noticed how uncomfortable Jake looked around her sword, and nodded his head towards her sword. He then said, "You have a big sword there."

Not sure of what to say, Marion simply nodded slightly, and said affirmatively, "Yeah, it is." She figured if she tried to be too aggressive, she might end up at gunpoint, so she decided to try act more friendly to avoid getting into such a situation. Jake then sighed and said, "Ok. Sorry, I'm a little nervous. Death island and all that. Where did you come from? I mean, on the island? I'm only asking because I was wondering if you've seen my girlfriend wandering around. Tall? Brown hair? Dark lips?"

Marion thought over what she could say. She figured she should probably tell the truth, but she wondered if lying might be a good option. Then, she decided against lying, as it wasn't likely to make much of a difference, not to mention that she wasn't much of a liar. So, she simply shook her head, and said, "Sorry, afraid not. I came from the forest, so she's probably not in that direction."

After that, there was a few more seconds of awkward silence. Marion didn't really want to speak up, but she figured she ultimately had no choice. She then said, "I guess that's that. Just curious, what's your girlfriend's name? I don't really know who you're talking about just from your description, but I might know her..."
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