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Still have nothing clever.
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As Marion approached the two, one of them began to stomp off and almost ran into Marion. It took all she had to stop the reflexive action slashing him with the sword right then and there, and the guy then shouted, "GAH! Mother FUCK!"

He looked absolutely frightened as he stomped away from the scene. Marion couldn't blame him, she would have done the same if someone just waved a gun around her and then walk in front of a person with an absolutely massive sword. The other guy then said to her apologetically, "Hi...sorry that you saw that. I'm....I wasn't going to shoot him, he was just freaking out so much I..." In reply, Marion raised her eyebrows in a gesture that practically said, "Did you really think waving a gun around him would calm him down?"

The guy then continued, "I'm Jake. You're from Silver Dragon, right?" Marion nodded, and replied calmly, "Yep. My name's Marion, Marion Clayton. I take it that you're also from SDA?"
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