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Oh hai Jesus
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Bob fell backwards as Jake pulled the black handgun out and waved it in his face. "What the hell are you trying to do, kill somebody? Don't fuckin' do that!"

His eyes grew cold. He glared past his horn-rimmed lenses. "Maybe you ARE trying to kill somebody. You ain't on my fuckin' team. For all I know you're planning on shooting me in the back! Not this kid, buddy! Not this fucking kid!" He began tossing his supplies back into his pack, ranting all the while. "Gonna fuckin' wave a gun around this fuckin' place. Not gonna fuckin' happen. This shit's ridiculous. Why the fuck am I on this show? Fuckin' man. I'm gonna kill some motherfuckers if it's the last thing I do."

Bob picked up his pack and clutched the laser pointer in his hand. Glaring at the boy, he turned it on and menacingly waved the laser around on his face, the red dot dancing across his eyes and cheeks. Slinging his pack, he began to stomp off.

And almost ran into a girl carrying a gigantic sword.

"GAH! Mother FUCK!"

Bob practically jumped out of his shoes. Completely livid, he continued to stomp down the beach and into the treeline until he was out of sight.

((Bob Lazenby continued elsewhere))
The Program
M10: John Ferrara: Italian soccer star
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BLK01: Bob Lazenby: Hipster
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M13: Kenneth Danielson
Weapons: Tobacco pipe (discarded in Town Outskirts)

I just slit a man's throat and stole his clothes and I love you all!
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