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(BRN04: Marion Clayton continued from Family Time Never Lasts.)

After Marion took a brief moment to rest and determine a destination in the Forest, she decided to go towards the southwest. In that direction was the coastal lake, Marion thought that it was a pretty noticeable landmark and she might get lucky in finding her team there. The journey wasn't exactly a long one, but the fact that she was trying to lug around an almost 6 foot sword with her complicated things, to say the least. Still, she managed, and decided to herself that she was going to have to learn how to use it effectively sooner or later. She knew that she had practically no chance to get another weapon unless she killed someone or was near someone who was killed, neither of which was exactly something she wanted to be doing, with possible exception for teammates making kills. But to be able to take weapons from people your teammates killed obviously required teammates in the first place, so that wasn't exactly going to help her.

In any case, as she reached the coastal lake, she could see two figures there. She couldn't exactly make out what bandanas they were wearing, so she knew that she needed to get closer to get a better look, but she did notice that one of them waved a gun around before placing it into his pocket. Marion made a slight gulp in apprehension, but she did catch a few reassuring words - "Come on, I'm just messing with you! I'd never shoot anyone." Of course, she knew fully well that whoever said that could have been lying, but there could be no way to find her team if she didn't at least take some risks. She then decided to go forward towards the two figures, and said calmly and simply, "Hello there."
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