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"Yeah...I guess that's true," Ben said in response to Marion's summation of her plans. He thought of his own team. Somewhere on the island would be people with pink bandanas. Ben could pretend at any allegiance, but in the end he still had to find his team.

He glanced back to Marion as she continued speaking. Her first words were enough of a hint to give away the rest of them. Still, he listened silently.

"Same," he murmured simply, adding, "Good luck."

With that she left. Ben knew mercy wouldn't be rewarded in this game. And really, one conversation wasn't enough to constitute friendship. Even so, Ben resolved that he wouldn't kill Marion. A humorless sort of smile twisted across his face at that. Wouldn't that be something? To have to exterminate the one person he'd be adverse to killing.

Reaching up, he touched the blue bandana. Not his, not his team. He'd proceed with his plan, though, so it was time to hit a new area.

On the bright side, he'd managed to hold a mostly normal conversation with a stranger.

(Ben continued somewhere else.)
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