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Marion could see that Ben was definitely thinking what she said over, and felt good to know that what she said was being considered carefully. Then after she spoke again, she noticed that Ben raised his head, presumably to think about something, and that his features then gradually tightened over... something. Marion knew that it wasn't worth it to ask, and decided to keep silent. She then noticed that Ben didn't look too comfortable on the subject, and then Ben asked to her quietly, "Do you have plans? Beyond sitting in the forest?"

Thinking it over, Marion carefully considered what she would say. She knew that she still had to be careful and avoid saying something that might be used against her later, but she had a hard time trying to figure out something that couldn't be potentially used against her. After a few seconds, she simply gave up and said honestly, "I don't have much of a plan, to be honest. I figure I might get moving and explore the island, try to find my team... that's about it, really, there's no way I can plan for anything in the long term if I don't find my team in the short term."

She then looked behind her with a bit of hesitation. After sighing quietly, she then said to Ben, "Don't take this personally, but I think I should get moving... don't want to stay in the same place too long. I wish we were in the same team, but, well, we aren't. I really don't enjoy saying this, but I hope we don't see each other after this... if we do, it might be on less friendly terms, and after talking with you it's that much harder to even consider hurting you, or God forbid, killing you. But we shouldn't think about that, we need to find our teammates... Take care, then..."

Then, after getting up, she walked away from Ben for a couple minutes, sword in hand, before finding a nice shaded spot for her to rest for a moment. She then took a drink of water, and looked at her map. Finally, she mused to herself quietly, "Now just which way do I go...?"

(BRN04: Marion Clayton continued elsewhere.)
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