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Ben nodded. Marion's words rang true and he wondered whether there was any place in his life where he could apply them. After the divorce of his parents, Ben had withdrawn, feeling betrayed and sorry for himself. Maybe things could have been different if he had recognized those emotions wouldn't change anything.

He noticed, of course, the closeness in which Marion kept the sword. But that was just smart. He would have done the same if he had something similar.

When she spoke again, Ben inclined his head once more. He tried to imagine his mother glued to a television. She'd have surgeries to perform, but what kind of hospital would allow a surgeon to perform while her son might be slaughtered on some island? His father, well, would probably watch with his girlfriend. At that thought, Ben's features tightened.

He didn't want to focus on the fact they might die or his dad's infidelity. "Do you have plans?" Ben asked quietly, changing the subject. "Beyond sitting in the forest?"

Looking to her again, Ben felt a pang of regret. If only he had chosen the brown bandana instead of the blue. He'd struggle with speaking to anyone, but at least Marion understood.
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