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When Marion was halfway through replying, Ben suddenly sat down on the forest floor. It seemed to relax him a bit, but Marion noticed that he still was twirling a blade of grass between his thumb and index finger. After she was finished, Ben simply said, "I'm sorry."

In reply, despite what some people might have expected, Marion actually chuckled and shook her head. She then said, "Don't worry about feeling sorry for me, I get that all the time. I want to see them again, but, well, feeling sorry isn't really going to change anything."

Then, like before, there was silence for a few moments. Marion took the chance to sit down as well, although she kept the sword within arm's reach. Ben then said, "Do you...do you think they're watching? Our parents, I mean."

Those words gave Marion a brief mental jolt. Could her parents be watching? She knew that they loved her and would do anything to be with her, and watching her on TV would be as close as they could get, but her mother was bogged down in work and her father barely ever even came out of his room. Still, she couldn't help but think that they were watching, and then very suddenly she began to blush. If they were watching, they must have seen her throw the condom away, which could be about the most embarrassing thing she could ever do on national TV for them. Still, luckily for Marion, this thought came out of her mind when Ben continued, "My mom...well, she hates this show. How, erm, ironic that I get chosen..."

Again, Marion nodded, and said, "Yeah, my parents aren't so hot on this show either. I think they might be watching, I don't think they're just going to ignore something that could be... you know."
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