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As Marion spoke to Ben, it appeared that he got even more restless, with his eyes beginning to wander as well. She couldn't help but think about her father, after he was injured his eyes almost always wandered away from her when they were talking. They were the same expressive green eyes that got passed down to Marion, the same that Marion thought she was looking at when she saw her reflection in the blade. In any case, she was distracted from her thoughts on her father's eyes when Ben began to speak. He said quickly and awkwardly, "I'm okay, I guess. In general terms, I mean. Since we're in this game now. It's just that...this. Talking. Conversation. Meeting strangers. I don't do that much. I don't want to annoy you. So sorry if I am."

In reply, Marion nodded understandingly, and said, "Yeah... yeah... I know what you mean. My father... he hasn't been much of a talker in the last three years, since, well, he got injured, pretty badly at that. PTSD and all that. Not quite the same thing, but I'm used to this, it's nothing to me."
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