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Oh hai Jesus
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"...you okay?"

The words were faint in Lazenby's ear. He was still lost in his own little world. A world of tears, fear, and possibly urine.

Yeah, definitely urine.

He rolled back over, leaving his glasses sitting in the sand. The few white clouds in the blue sky were blurry. As he tilted his head up, a figure came into focus. The most he could tell was that the figure was male, tall, and blonde. And probably armed.

That was what caused Bob's next reaction.

"Get the fuck away from me!" he screeched, scooting away on his ass and making a rather ungraceful backwards tumble to his feet. He picked up his still-unopened backpack and held it in front of him like a shield.

"I don't know who the fuck you are, but back up! I'll......I'll fucking hit you!"
The Program
M10: John Ferrara: Italian soccer star
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[M19: Matthew Gourlay: Rich Bitch
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BLK01: Bob Lazenby: Hipster
Weapons: Laser Pointer

M13: Kenneth Danielson
Weapons: Tobacco pipe (discarded in Town Outskirts)

I just slit a man's throat and stole his clothes and I love you all!
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