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After Marion told the guy her name and then asked for his in return, the guy replied with obvious difficulty, "Oh. Okay. I'm Ben. Ben Grayson."

Marion nodded to Ben as she took in his words, and then an awkward silence filled the air for a few moments afterward, with neither of them really knowing what to say. Ben then broke the silence and said, "There was another person," before stopping. Marion simply nodded along, without any clue of where Ben was going. He then continued, and said, "But...I got scared and ran. I think she might have been from that Detroit school."

Taking this in, Marion didn't really have the first clue what to say, since there were so few details to go on. Like before, she simply nodded, and observed Ben carefully. She noticed his hands were fidgeting, probably from the stress. She was a bit relieved, it didn't really seem likely that he was going to suddenly attack her or anything. Still, she figured that she could try to find out a bit more, and decided to say calmly to Ben, "Are... are you alright? You seem a bit nervous, if you need to say something, feel free to go ahead. I'm not going to force you of course, that's not my place."
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