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He breathed a little easier after she spoke. Repeating her name in his head, he stored the tidbits of information into a corner of his mind. Marion Clayton. Brown team. Asian looking sword.

"Oh. Okay." he murmured. "I'm Ben. Ben Grayson." Each word came out as if he were vaulting over some obstacle.

Knowing he should say something more, Ben rifled through the various topics. No longer could he bring up homework or school. And taking about that sword of hers would invite conversation about his own weapon. For that matter, anything about teams would probably bring up the fact that they were supposed to be enemies.

"There was another person," he halted and continued with simple bluntness. "But...I got scared and ran. I think she might have been from that Detroit school."

At least it was something to talk about that seemed harmless. Indeed, he knew he had to talk to survive.

Ben looked down then, hands coming together to fidget. Normally, he would've held a pencil, but those things were past.
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