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Still have nothing clever.
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Marion carefully watched the guy who in return carefully looked at Marion. She noticed that he was tensing up, as his hands formed themselves into fists and then quickly loosened. Marion couldn't help but think to herself that it was a bad sign, but then again, he didn't seem like the aggressive sort. Still, she knew that she still had to be careful, as most deaths on SoTF-TV were those of people caught by surprise, or at least that's what she concluded from her very limited watching of the show. The boy then said with a bit more courage in his voice, "So, Silver Dragon...right? I think...I think I've seen you before."

After a moment of hesitation, Marion nodded in confirmation and said, "Yeah, I go to SDA. I think I've seen you too before... don't think we share any classes, but definitely think I've seen you before. My name's Marion, by the way, Marion Clayton. And yours...?"
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