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Marion was quickly distracted from her (futile) attempts at using the sword only moments after she started practicing with it. She heard someone say to her nervously, "Um...er...hi...", and she then turned her head to where she heard the voice coming from. Embarrassed by the fact that she knew that the guy who spoke was watching her try to use the sword, she blushed for a moment before taking a careful look at him. She had definitely saw him before, so that meant that he went to SDA. Of course, she still didn't know who he was, but it was still a start. She also noticed that he had a blue bandana on, which meant that he was most certainly not part of her team. It also didn't really look like he had a weapon, but Marion really couldn't be sure. After quickly thinking over what she saw, she simply decided that it might be a good idea to simply play it cool and avoid causing a fight, since she didn't exactly have the best of weapons. She simply decided to smile calmly and say one word, "Hey."
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