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(Ben continuing from Western Beach)

Beyond the usage of his bandanas, Ben didn't have much of a strategy yet. But he figured that teams would be scattered. Likely thrown to each corner of the island. Away from the beach, he had gotten out his map and compass and studied both. But if he was good at science, he wasn't very good at reading maps. Still, he could try and ascertain his position through process of elimination. There had been no motel, dock, or rain forests and his beach had been a straight stretch of sand with no turning points. So, it was probable that he wasn't on the resort one. Likewise, if on the northern beach, the compass would only point to more sea.

Guessing himself somewhere on the western hemisphere of the island, Ben chose a northward direction and took it. He wasn't the most active of kids, so stops were frequent. During one, he got out his water bottle and took a few chugs. There beneath the other stuff sat the bandanas. People would be wondering what his weapon was and Ben wasn't sure what he'd say. He could try for the lie that he thought himself an experiment. To see how long someone could last with just fists. Had that ever been done before? Ben couldn't remember.

He sat the pack down and took the bandanas out. For a moment, he held them in his hands, fingers running over the fabric, eyes taking in the symbols. Then he stuffed them in between the waistband of his pants and underwear. Easier access and no fear of someone seeing them in his packs. He chose a different bandana at random. Blue, with a wave pattern across. Securing it over the pink one, Ben continued on his way.

A while after, Ben found himself at the outskirts of a forest. With all that exertion, he sweated and the shade would be nice. Finding a navigable path, he wondered about what people thought of him back at home. Thus far, he hadn't really considered it. Yet there it was: He was on TV. His mother and father would undoubtedly be watching, the former having screamed as much as she could when armed men invaded her home. How would they react when he had to kill someone? After all, it was inevitable, really.

Then a condom flew close, landing near his feet. Ben grimaced and held up his arms as though it might attack. For a moment he thought it might be opened. Were people doing that...already? The packaging was intact, though.

He touched the blue bandana covering the pink. Blue, blue, blue. He said it like a mantra, attaching this whole persona to the word and color.

Turning, he tried not to make any obvious noises as he searched for the condom thrower. It didn't take long and he saw her trying to use the sword. Well, at least Ben didn't have to worry about an expert sword wielder.

Finally, he cleared his throat. "Um...er...hi..." he murmured, deliberately stepping closer and more into the open.

Damnit. Nothing like the persona he'd imagined for a blue team member.
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