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Jake could hear the crying but not the source, he whipped his head around only to find the figure curled up and weeping on the ground. For a moment he felt embarrassed for the person, crying like that on national television.

Then again, now was a perfect time as any to let it all out.

Jake made sure the safety was on on the gun before he tucked it into the waistband of his jeans. That would probably be the worst case scenario in his mind; blowing his ass off in front of millions if not billions of people. He wondered briefly if anyone had done that, unfortunately he had not watched the show enough to remember something like that.

He approached the crying guy slowly, and immediately recognized him once he got closer. Bob Lazenby. He played guitar too. That was about the only thing he knew about the kid. Bob wasn't necessarily the....most approachable of people. Jake kept his distance for a moment before remembering that this wasn't the hallways at school.

"Hey man," Jake said slowly. "I uh...you okay?"

It was probably the worst question to ask, but hey, it was a start.

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