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Oh hai Jesus
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Glaring light.



Bob Lazenby, to put it bluntly, was not in a good mood when he awoke.

Then again, would anybody in this situation?

As blurry vision returned, Bob rolled over. His glasses tilted and fell, lightly impacting on the sand and leaving a soft indent.

Slowly, pieces of what happened came back to him. He was not, in fact, having a PBR on the beach with his friends and listening to a soft acoustic guitar in the background. It was a dream.

Well, one part was right. He was on a beach.

As the memories slipped their way into his brain like a fog slowly rolling into town, Bob Lazenby did not take notice of the figure faintly visible in the distance. He did not check his daypack for weapons or don his bandanna.

Bob Lazenby did the only thing in this situation that he could do.

He curled up in a ball and wept.

The Program
M10: John Ferrara: Italian soccer star
Weapons: Banjo w/ eagle logo (broken)
Calico Liberty III Handgun (50/50, 50/50)

[M19: Matthew Gourlay: Rich Bitch
Weapons: Calico Liberty III handgun (Taken)

BLK01: Bob Lazenby: Hipster
Weapons: Laser Pointer

M13: Kenneth Danielson
Weapons: Tobacco pipe (discarded in Town Outskirts)

I just slit a man's throat and stole his clothes and I love you all!
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