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(Debut of BRN04: Marion Clayton.)

Marion woke up in the forest grounds with a start, eyes close, and rubbed her head. The night before, she had a horrible dream... that for once she was having the rare pleasant moment with her father... simply spending some time together, as father and daughter... a kind of moment she barely ever had in the last three years. Then, suddenly, she heard a loud and terrible knocking on the door... and several armed men came in as well as a man in a suit, announcing to the horror of the whole family that Marion was picked for SOTF. They took her away, and both of her parents were left speechless. The last thing she saw in the dream were her father's eyes, wandering with a sense of loss.

Then Marion opened her eyes, and thought she saw her father's eyes again, but she quickly realized that she was looking at her very own eyes. She then kneaded them slightly, and realized that she was looking at a sword, a massive sword about as tall as she was. The realization then came hard and fast - what Marion dreamed was not a dream - it was what actually had happened. For a moment Marion felt nothing but the deepest horror at being totally separated from her parents, and on the razor's edge of death, as she silently began to cry. However, as she released her tears, her horror was gradually being replaced with desire - desire to be with her parents, that was. And the only way to do that was to survive with her team, escape, or, God forbid, kill ten people. She then quickly wiped her tears away on her sleeve and resolved to herself that she wasn't going to simply give up without at least trying. She first noticed her brown bandana, and realized that she was in the Brown team, hoping to herself that the others in the team were people that could a) get along with her, and b) had a good chance of surviving. She then put those thoughts aside, as she rummaged through her daypack. It was mostly fairly standard stuff, until she found something she regarded with absolute dread - a condom.

Not even wanting to think about what could potentially happen to her in the show, she threw the condom as far away from her as possible. It soared fairly far away, a distance that she found comforting. She also noticed that the pack had a... very revealing outfit that she wasn't even sure what it was, and she looked at it with disgust and packed it onto the bottom of the pack where she probably wouldn't see it again. There was no chance on Earth that she was going to give every single pervert out there with cable a chance to ogle her, none at all. Finally, she looked back to the massive sword. It was maybe 5'6", and while she was no weapons expert, she was fairly sure that it was Japanese in origin. She tried to lift it up with two hands from the ground, and managed to get the sword upright, but found herself unable to make any swinging motions with it. A grown man would have had trouble with it, and Marion was not a grown man. But hey, she had to try, and she began trying to practice using the sword in the forest, not even giving consideration to the chance of others being around...


It was early morning in Bryan, Texas, as Elizabeth Clayton watched the TV - the SOTF debut. While she did detest the show and avoided it on principle, her daughter's live was at stake here and she felt like she had no choice but to at least see some of it. Her bosses were sympathetic, they allowed her a paid break for her to recover emotionally. As the first live footage of the students on the island began to air, and Elizabeth began to sip her coffee while shivering in anticipation of what might happen, a small and familiar voice interrupted her thoughts - that of her husband, Alexander. "Shame to see what the media has become these days."

Startled, Elizabeth said to her husband, "Why are you out of your room? You've barely gone outside for three years..."

Alexander chuckled, and mimicked his wife, "Why aren't you at work? You've barely done anything else for three years..."

Elizabeth, embarrassed, chuckled awkwardly, and said, "Yeah, of course you knew."

Her husband nodded back, and said, "I know, I know. I took the liberty of looking Marion up on the website, apparently she's in the Brown Team, led by some journalist. I've heard of her before, they say she's not quite who she seems. Also, apparently Marion got assign-"

He was interrupted when the TV then showed Marion in the forest, lying by her sword. Alexander then continued, "Yeah, that. The nodachi, a Japanese two-handed sword used for fighting cavalry. I suppose there's really no more need for me to talk, let's just watch this together, dear... watch this together, and pray, that is. Marion's got the best of both of us, she has a chance... and if we don't place any hope in her, she's got no chance at all."

Elizabeth blew her nose, and said, "You're right. She can do this. She'll see us... and we'll see her together. Yes, together..."

Alexander chuckled one last time before settling into silence. "Yes, together... I've been through a lot, but she'll go through more... but together with us, even if she can't see us, she can prevail..."

And with that, both of them watched the television screen together in silence.
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