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Johan's shot hit Maddie, which to Johan was totally surprising. It hit her on her upper right arm, which was certainly fitting but not quite adequate retribution. Johan saw the blood streaking down her arm, much like his own, and then he saw the most surprising thing of all - she began to cry.

Naturally, however, this wasn't going to last. She quickly filled with purpose, and said, "I have to make you see. You don't understand and you will because I'll make you listen to me."

Johan only replied angrily, "There is in fact no such thing as art for art's sake." For a brief moment, there was a terrible and ominous silence, and Johan was about to take another shot at Maddie when she suddenly rushed forward with her baseball bat, and began delivering blow after blow, after blow, after blow...

After blow...

The last sensation Johan had on his mind was one of the many blows that struck. He quickly fell into unconsciousness due to the ever increasing pain and blood loss, and sooner or later he was nothing more then a bloody mess, with his face a mess of red splattered over his white skin and blue eyes. Perhaps it was 'art'. In any case, it was definitely 'art' fitting for a patriotic and militaristic nation like America.

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