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Still have nothing clever.
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Johan looked back at Maddie. He noticed that his words made her a bit hesitant to fire, and Johan was glad to see that his words had made some effect on her, not that it would really matter either way. She then said stubbornly, "I'm not killing you. I'm making you better. I'm adding you to my portfolio, and you better stop talking before you RUIN IT."

Even at this moment, Johan began to laugh. He couldn't help but think what she was saying was hilarious, even while there was a bullet in his thigh. Sure, it might antagonize her, but he had only a few moments left so he couldn't help but think, Why not?

And then she shot him in the upper arm. With that, Johan stopped laughing, and repressed another groan of pain. He simple stared at Maddie, a rather empty and emotionless stare. Maddie then continued, "I am not killing. Killing means DESTRUCTION I am CREATING and how come you don't understand? How come they run and they whisper and they hide because they don't understand."

Johan pointed out blithely, "Sure, you're creating something. You're creating pain and suffering, just like every other killer. That's something, right? Something that's very important for everyone to experience? It's art, in a sick, sadistic way."

Maddie then shouted, "SHUT UP!" Johan was glad to oblige. Getting the chance to get back a little at her was worth it. He then rummaged in his pocket, when he suddenly realized one very important (and perhaps obvious) thing: I have the gun.

He then rapidly pulled it out and fired a shot. There was probably very little chance it would actually hit, but this was his chance and he had little else he could do...
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