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The Achilles tendon is a remarkable thing. If you cut it, the muscle is immediately rendered useless. It's not as though the muscle curls up, Maddie had read that somewhere and was curious enough to do a little more research. The muscle has far too much connective tissue to actually spring up like some sort of lagging tongue, though Maddie decided that it would make an excellent sculpture. However your foot does get paralyzed and usually the victim of a cut Achilles will never walk normally again, not without extensive therapy, of course.

Maddie was thinking of all of this as she shot Johan in the leg. Of course, there was no way a girl of her minimal ability at sharpshooting could hit the Achilles tendon, but she had enough experience at this point to at least hit the fleshy upper thigh.

She didn't understand why he was walking away from her.

She frowned as she lowered the gun.

"It's very rude to walk away. Especially when you have the materials I need," Maddie said, her normally trembly voice gaining strength.


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