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After Johan asked the girl why the color of his eyes mattered, she replied, "Art matters. And your eyes, I'm trying to figure out what colors I'd use for paint." She seemed rather awkward while saying this, but Johan was also wondering what it had to do with anything.

The girl then continued, "For your eyes." Johan understood the point the girl was getting at, but he was still confused as to how it had to do with anything. This was the Program, a matter of life or death, and she was talking about the color of his eyes?

She then finally told Johan her name, and said, "My name is Maddie Harris. You probably haven't heard of me." Johan thought it over. He never really saw her in school but thought it was vaguely familiar. Then he realized with dread that he heard her name in the announcements, and since she obviously wasn't dead she had killed someone before. She didn't really look like a killer, but then again, this was the Program, which brought out the worst in everyone.

Still, Johan noticed after looking back at her that she seemed rather awkward and was getting embarrassed, with her eyes pointed downward. She then chirped highly, "I'm an artist!" Johan couldn't help but think that was somewhat obvious, but he just nodded on, trying to keep his cool. He then realized that it could be his chance to get away...

He then took a few steps backwards, until Maddie said to Johan rather quietly, "I don't know your name."

To this, Johan simply replied, "I'm Johan Luther. Now, if you could excuse me, I've got to keep moving..."

He began by taking a few steps backwards, but then after a few seconds he began breaking into full sprint. Even though he was a jogger, his desire to get out of the situation gave him a huge boost to his speed. Running might not have been the best option, but Johan could have cared less. Any chance to get into safety was well worth it. Still, no matter how fast he ran, he knew fully well that he was hardly out of the red yet...
The Program

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