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Johan was gradually heading towards the southeastern area of the Compound, and was making good progress. He was a good three-fourths of the way there, and he hadn't seen a single person along the way. It almost seemed to be peaceful, but then again, this was the Program. There was no such thing as peace here. Well, perhaps peace by death...

For a brief moment Johan stared at his gun. He knew that he could probably kill himself with it and avoid the trouble of actually trying to survive, but he then looked away and reminded himself that he was going to try to survive. Sure, the chances were slim, but at least there was a chance at all.

However, only moments after he did so, a wide eyed and small looking girl walked up to him. She then said, "Hello, has anyone ever told you that your eyes are very beautiful?"

Johan had several feelings surging in, one by one. He was flattered at first, for reasons obvious enough, but then a second and more overpowering one came in - suspicion. After all, this was the Program, people didn't walk in just to say a compliment. He then looked at the girl's hands, and noticed that she had a gun and a baseball bat. Johan knew fully well that anyone with two weapons had either killed or been near someone who was killed, so then fear became his dominant emotion. He desperately wanted to run, but he knew that it would only serve to agitate the girl, and above all else he feared an agitated person with a gun, after having watched Ben kill Harris and then get killed by someone else.

His decision was then to keep it cool, and after a few seconds of hesitation, he said, "Yeah, on a couple occasions before. Now... why exactly does this matter, and just who are you?"
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