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((M18 - Johan Luther continued from Nice Morning for a Shootout.)

Johan Luther was wandering. He had no clue in the world which way he was going, besides "away from the guy that killed Ben". Then again, after watching someone get killed, who needs direction? It's an obvious enough cue to get moving. He then scanned the distance, and saw the hospital only a couple of feet away. From his planning with Ben, he remembered that they were supposed to be coming here next. Still, after having every other search for supplies be basically fruitless, Johan wasn't too keen of trying to search yet another place. Of course, there was also the other problem of buildings being obvious places for other people to seek shelter, and deciding that cowardice might just be a good idea at the moment, Johan decided to simply wander in a different direction. Looking over the map and his compass, he decided that he was going to a more isolated part of the area, towards the southeast and avoid any unnecessary trouble like the kind that got him into his predicament in the first place. Or at least, that's what he hoped. Of course, there's always someone out there ready to prove that wrong...
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