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Still have nothing clever.
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After Johan told the black guy Ben's name, he replied to Johan, "You remember that. You remember him, you remember what you said to him, you remember what he said to you. But goddammit, you better fucking remember his name."

In a regular situation, Johan would have been rather confused and point out he fact that he barely knew Ben for a day, and that he had virtually no conversations with him since the beginning, but instead Johan just nodded nervously. The gun was still on him, anyways, so he would be rather stupid to antagonize him.

The black guy then said, "Benjamin Latimer." There was a bit of disgust in his tone, and Johan, bewildered, just repeated that to himself mentally.

Benjamin Latimer. Benjamin Latimer. Benjamin Latimer. Benjamin Latimer. Benjamin Latimer. Benjamin Latimer. Benjamin Latimer...

The guy then spun on his heels and walked away. Johan couldn't help but get a sense how how he seemed to be trying to be profound, but Johan felt more confused then anything.

Johan then walked over the Ben's body, and then sighed. He then took Ben's handgun and backpack, which meant that he had finally some halfway decent defense and enough food to last him quite a bit longer. However, he also decided to do something else. He took out the hammer and sickle hat that he had been keeping in his bag, took it out carefully and stamped it into the ground. Forget trying to be a fake Communist. Johan finally had a chance to actually live through this whole thing now, or at least maybe manage to look like a "patriot" so maybe his family would be maybe treated better. Then again, with the government he couldn't really know. Still, he had to move on. The games were beginning in earnest now, and at this point the only thing he could do was try to survive. He checked Ben's gun. Four bullets in the current clip, and three extra ones. It would probably last long enough. And with that, he looked back at Ben's body one last time and walked away.

((M18 - Johan Luther continued elsewhere.)
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