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Bryant kept the gun on the kid, glared over the sights at him for a beat before pointing the barrel down and slightly away from him.

"You remember that. You remember him, you remember what you said to him, you remember what he said to you. But goddammit, you better fucking remember his name."

He looked around for a minute. Marilyn had made good on his distraction, had vacated the area early into the gunfight.

"Benjamin Latimer." He tried the name out on his tongue. It tasted foul, just like Sechooler's name. Tasted like murder. Unpalatable.

Bryant spun on his heels, shotgun slung across his shoulder as he left the area. He hoped his face looked confident, hoped his words sounded profound. Because mostly he just felt damned.

Not that it mattered. It looked like he was going to have more fields to plow, whether he wanted to or not.

((Bryant Carver continued in Split Decision))

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